Software Solution

Business Software Solutions of New Jersey, Inc. provides information technology solutions. It offers domain consulting services, such as domain and management consulting, management and business consulting,

assessments and strategy, and planning; and enterprise application outsourcing services, including enterprise applications and outsourcing, technology architecture, solutions deployment, portal development, Web-enabling legacy applications, and lifecycle systems development.

There are many web development companies online. However, most of them only deliver websites that would pass as excellent brochures. These websites are completely devoid of any interactivity or connection with the target audience. The websites clearly lack innovativeness and drive customers away. Even though it takes a short time span to set up cookie cutter templates the result is usually an ugly ineffective website that cannot attract and retain visitors.

Develop social & leisure apps, location-based web & mobile applications and games with us. And moreā€¦

Are you thinking about developing a sellable product like a social app, a support tool for your personal or a sales enhancing or educative game? Let our portfolio inspire you! We help you to translate your ideas into intuitive cloud-based web & mobile apps that work everywhere and on every device. Powered by modern cloud and internet technology, not even the sky is the limit. The team of Technigent’s designers, developers, and other professionals will help you create great web and mobile apps according to your imagination.


We Provide the following Software Solutions

  1. Web Design
  2. Web Development
  3. Mobile Application Development
  4. E-Commerce Development
  5. Digital Marketing
  6. Odoo Development
  7. Server Hosting