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Based out of downtown New Jersey, Computer Repair is a Technology Services founded in 2008 on two fundamental principle; Hire the professional, Customer focused team and provide best services & support. We are covering most New Jersey areas, We utilize technology to enable superior communication, efficiencies, and practices. These principle, along with nonparallel communication, are absolutely imperative to our success  and that to our customer.

We are committed to our customers and work diligently to provide exceptional customer service while delivering highly skilled technical expertise. Our long-standing partnerships have given us a seasoned perspective to understand what it takes to service the needs of companies of all shapes and sizes. Our mission is to help our clients businesses to be more productive with perfect-fit technology solutions.


One Vision, One Partner.


We’re in the business of helping businesses be successful. It’s as simple as that. We’re driven by the philosophy that if you can focus on what you do best, we will focus on what we do best. Together as we will make your business more profitable and successful by using technology. There is no catch and no special magic, just seasoned experience and technical skills that we’ve honed over the years, and we put that to work for YOUR business.


Phone Support

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Ticket By Email

To create a service ticket automatically by emailing the Onward Help Desk.

Our Team Member

Mr. Jayen Patel

Mr. Jayen Patel

Director of Company
Mr. Kamal Patel

Mr. Kamal Patel

Manager of Technology
Mr. Gujan Sheth

Mr. Gujan Sheth

Network Specilist
Mr. Bhavik Damasiya

Mr. Bhavik Damasiya

Director of Software

We are always looking for talented new people to join our team!

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